Alison Forrester FISTD (DIP LCD)

Alison Forrester, a former student of the Victoria School in Portsmouth,  grew up with the ISTD examination system and competed in the local and national Festivals. She graduated from London College with a First class diploma, the Performers Cup and four Associate teaching qualifications with distinction.

She danced professionally for 14 years around the world. Enjoyed 2 years in Athens, worked on Celebrity and Silver Seas Cruises, and finished her performing career in Las Vegas for 7 years. She spent much of these contracts as 'Swing', Dance Captain or Company Manager. Whilst working in America for 9 years, she studied (what the British call) American and Rhythm tap, with many of the great tap dancers, teachers and performers. Being in the USA from 1997-2006 was a period before we lost some of the most inspirational talents. She got to meet and tap with Gregory Hines, Henry Le Tang, Peg Leg Bates and many more.

On returning to the UK, she became a Fellow of the ISTD in June 2007 and is a member of the Tap Committee. Alison was initially, part of the creative team that developed the Grade 6 Tap.

Following its success, she partnered with Tracey Lee to begin developement of the revised Tap Grades. Primary and Grade 1 was launched in 2008. Grades 2 to 5 are now completed and taught worldwide. Intermediate is in the creative stages and she feels  very privileged to be working with Miss Heather Rees. 

 She has lectured at Chichester Residential School and Headquarters many times for the ISTD. Teaching teachers is a big passion of hers. To improve tap in this country, the teachers need to be inspired and moved forward. She enjoys to lecture courses around the UK and Europe.

In 2016 she became an ISTD Examiner and the first England Judge for the IDO World Championships.

Her passion has always been Tap Dance, to improve and inspire in the UK, to help bring our standard in line with the Europeans and Americans.